April 12, 2017

Conventional hopefuls are filling the barn. We have 7 liters currently and several more coming soon. Blue New Zealands are growing and my broken blue project is in full swing. Preparing for Salinas Valley Fair in May also.

October 2016

We have several rabbits available from our convention breedings. We are currently awaiting 2 mini rex litters & we have 1 adorable new BEW born 3 weeks ago.

June 22, 2015

We have started to breed for convention which is why we have 6 litters of mini rex, 3 litters of cali's, 2 litters of holland lops, 2 litters of holland lops on the way, 6 litters of mini rex on the way, and 4 litters of cali's on the way.

March 24, 2015

Things are hoping around here! We

just had a huge litter of Holland Lops and 4 more litter are due today (Holland & Mini Rex). We have 6 more litters due in the next 2 weeks. We are gearing up for fairs and ARBA National in October.

Happy 2015

Exciting things are coming this year. Holland Lops are in full swing with 2 litters in the box, we have a litter of BEW Mini Rex and we are ramping up for meat pens this summer & ARBA Nationals kits this spring.

  • ARBA Convention 2016 results: My hollands got 6th, 8th and 10th, my New Zealands got 3rd and 4th, my Mini Rex got 6th, 3rd, 3rd and 13th
  • Best of Breed Californian at San Benito County Fair 10/16
  • Best of Breed Mini Rex Placerville 7/16
  • Best of Breed Mini Rex at King City Fair 5/16
  • Best Of Show at King City Fair With my holland lop Jr., Carmel 5/16/15
  • Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen at King City Fair 5/16/15
  • Best Reserve In Show at the Paso Rolbes show 3/15
  • 2 BOB's (Californian) and 4 BOV's (Holland Lop &  Mini Rex) at the Hollister Show 3/14/15.
  • 2 BOV's (Californian) at the State Convention 2/28/15.
  • best of show pet bunny, BOB french lop, BOB Mini Rex, Best Heavyweight in show and Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen at Santa Cruz County Fair 9/12/14.
  • BOB French Lop and BOB Californian at Monterey County Fair 8/24/14.
  • 2 BOB'S, 2 BOSB's and Reserve Grand Champion Meat Pen at the King City Fair 5/2014.
  • 2 BOB's and 2 BOSB's at the Stockton show 4/2014

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